Angelica Salt

Angelica Salt


An herbal salt using angelica flowers. You can use it to add a special flavor to any dish or food. Norwegian angelica means a lot in Nordic food history. It's used by the Sápmi people for its medicinal properties and vitamin and antioxidant content. Here, it is used for its aromatic and complex flavors.

  • Cut 4 garden angelica flowers, keeping the seeds on the stems

  • Put the flowers seeds in a mason jar and cover them with 1kg of coarse sea salt

  • Cure them for 3-4w at room temperature

  • Remove the flowers from the jar and rinse them to remove excess salt. You can use them in other recipes. The angelica salt is ready

  • You can enhance the flavor of your recipes with this salt!

Yield 1 kg

  • Garden Angelica Flower

    Garden Angelica Flower

  • Salt

    Coarse Salt


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