Bergamot Liqueur

Bergamot Liqueur


This liqueur is a great addition to your bar game and is easy to make at home! A simple way to make a delicious bergamot liqueur that can be used in many cocktails to add a citrusy flavor! This recipe can be adapted to a range of fruits and botanicals. Think of this as a blue print.

  • Peel 2 bergamot to obtain 50g of bergamot rind

  • Transfer bergamot rind to a glass jar

  • Add 75g of sugar

  • Add 500ml of vodka

  • Stir until sugar dissolves

  • Cover and infuse 24h to extract bergamot aroma

  • Strain into glass bottle. The Bergamot Liqueur is ready

  • Kick up your next cocktail with a burst of citrus!

Yield 500 ml

  • Vodka


  • Bergamot


  • White Sugar

    White Sugar



  • Glass Jar

    Glass Jar

  • Cocktail Stirring Spoon

    Cocktail Stirring Spoon

  • Kitchen Scale

    Kitchen Scale

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