Pickled Sushi Ginger

Pickled Sushi Ginger


Sweet, spicy and tangy! This Pickled Sushi Ginger is not just for sushi, so you should try this condiment of young pickled ginger on anything! Traditional "Gari" or pickled young ginger for sushi.

  • Peel, trim and thinly slice 200g of young ginger

  • Add 1L of water to a pot on medium heat and a bring to a boil

  • Add the sliced ginger and blanch for 3m to soften the spiciness. Drain ginger, change the water and repeat the process twice more. Reserve drained ginger

  • Add 100ml of rice vinegar to a saucepan on medium heat

  • Add 100g of sugar

  • Add 1tsp of salt

  • Stir and cook until salt and sugar dissolve

  • Turn off heat, add cooked ginger and transfer to a container

  • Reserve Pickled Ginger in fridge for at least 1d before consuming it. It's ready

  • Try it with the Grilled Flat Iron!

Yield 400 g

  • Ginger


  • Rice Wine Vinegar

    Rice Wine Vinegar

  • White Sugar

    White Sugar

  • Salt


  • Water


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